At Thrive, we believe that every child is fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139)

By using the latest evidence based practices, specifically through the medium of developmental movement and play, we seek to equip and empower the parents and caregivers of all the children God sends us.  Therein enabling parents to undertake as their child's primary advocate and therapist, and through this, providing every child with the best chance of reaching their fullest potential.

If your child is not thriving for whatever reason, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lisa Muir: 0797 683 144

Parent Testimonies:

1. Mac was born 1 month premature and after a traumatic birth and having spent 3 weeks in ICU, things weren’t looking good. We were told that our son would never be able to walk without aid, let alone play sports. After having spent 4 months of intensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy, we felt he wasn’t making progress. We found Lisa and started on her program, which was a much less invasive and natural method focusing on establishing his reflexes in his legs, coupled with rhythmic movement therapy. Mac ended up loving the rhythmic movement and we still do it daily. After a short while we started seeing dramatic improvement and he even started walking within the normal milestone timeframe (18 months). We were thrilled! At his 18 month pediatrician follow up the pediatrician confirmed that his reflexes are now normal! She said it was a miracle. Thank you Lees for guiding us and giving us the correct advice that made all the difference. I think it has all been a combination of everything we did but there is no doubt that this therapy made a huge difference. Especially having intervened so early. We would definitely recommend this to other parents. 

2. Lisa worked with my daughter during the final term of her Grade 1 year.  Some of her reflexes were not integrated and her eyes were not working together optimally which was making reading a struggle.  With Lisa's daily intervention and the homework that she set for us, my daughter suddenly started to notice words around her after about 1 month.  She began reading everything, t-shirts, shop windows and the daily tantrums about school homework stopped as she found her capability.  I am proud to say that not even one year later, she is now one of the best readers in her class.  I credit Lisa's integrated, intuitive work.  She applied her knowledge in a truly loving way which made my daughter feel worthy, valued and motivated.  I recommend Lisa without hesitation. 

3. After getting results from an eye screening, we realised Jodi needed more intervention which is where Lisa jumped to our rescue. Her passion and knowledge of holistic methods spoke to us & we were immediately on board. Through various eye and body movement exercises, Jodi responded well and we can't thank Lisa enough for her encouragement and support regarding her development.